Been Awhile

So it has been a while since i have last posted on my blog, or even updated it in that case. I slowed down my workouts because of summer activities. But now it is time to get back into it. I have been doing CrossFit like workouts for the past 6 days now while eating about 3000+ calories. My body is physically drained but mentally, I am refreshed. I am at 190lbs, and 15% BF. The goal is 200lbs at 12-13%BF. LETS DO THIS THING. ANY ADVICE!!!!????


13% Body Fat!!!!

So I have been working hard to reach mygoals. At first my goals were to just tone up and lose unnecessary fat. So I did that, then I changed my goals from getting tone to wanting definition and lean muscle. I had a trainer weight me and get my body specs. Evidently I went from 26% body fat to 13% body fat. Whaaaaat? Thats awesome. So Since I have a good habit of make short term goals for my body, which I think everyone should do, I am making a new goal of 6% body fat. I mean Im going to look like Ryan Reynolds. Be that is it may, I still love to reward myself and I find it important that others who are as into health as I am, should do the same. It really is a stress reliever. So How did I get my BODY FAT SO LOW? Simple really. Diet and cardio. Yea yea you already know that a good diet and good exercise will show results but lets not underestimate the power of food here. I LOVE, I LOVE pasta. I was on the worst eating schedule with pasta. My body would wake me up at 2a.m. to go eat some penne pasta. mmmm. And I would happily do it. The hardest thing about getting into shape is eliminating your favorite(BAD) foods you are used to eating. Good bye Penne Pasta for a while, goodbye Biscuitville, Bojangles, McDonalds, Wendys, Sonic, Late Night Fried Pickles because im really drunk and they sound amazing. Goodbye BEER!!! Now that I look back on the road I have traveled, My body has been through so many transformations. I am pretty sure my body was mad at me for a few weeks when I started my diet. It was painful to watch others around me indulge in these bad foods, I was an angry person. But it was worth it. When friends make fun of me because I wont shot gun a beer or order fast food, I say one thing to them. 13 PERCENT!



High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is one of the hardest workout regimes to follow. Great for cardiovascular health and fat burning by after burn effect. HIIT will have you pushing yourselves to the max for a longer period of time then you rest. Something like 4sets of 30sec high knees with 10sec rests in-between sets. Man, you learn to love them though(and HATE them). They have shed the body fat off of me as well as help Laura(Trainee/Author for HLW) get off of her plateau. Today we did some HIIT and I honestly wanted to quit mid workout because my body was being pushed so hard. But with some motivation, I finished hard and felt great afterwards. It is definitely recommended to everyone to either try out HIIT or make it their goal to.


TRY THIS WITH ONLY 10-15 second rests in-between sets


Box Jumps               4x30sec

SideBox Jumps       4×30 sec

HighBox Step Ups  4×30 sec



High Knees                4x  30 sec

Tuck Jumps               4×30 secs

Mountain Climbers  4x30sec


Plank      4x30sec

Pushup   4×30

Burpee’s 4x30sec



ENJOY!!! remember little to no rest in-between sets